5 Healthy Writing Rules for Writers

5 Healthy Writing Rules for Writers

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Every writer has faced some difficulties in their career. Not every job is an easy one and you definitely not bound to enjoy everything that you do.

There are some things you can do though, that can help you get the most out of your job. Here are some tips that will help you earn a much healthier attitude towards your job and become better and better at it.

  1. Turn off distractions

One of the best tips for any writer is to stay away from all distractions while you work. If you can’t have a particular room in your house to work without distractions, or if your office is too crowded, you should start by keeping your phone in your bag or in a different room while you work or simply try and keep everything on silent so you don’t get distracted.

This tactic will help you finish your work on time and be a lot more effective with the least amount of effort. That will allow you to enjoy your work more and be more productive.

  1. Find your own style

A thing that’s important for every writer is for them to find their own personal style. Once you have realized how you personally approach a topic, you will no longer feel the need to imitate anyone else’s work and that will give you a much healthier outlook and a lot of will to express yourself through your posts.

  1. Take breaks

If you wish to continue being good at your job, it is very important that you find the time to rest. Breaks are important not only for the body but also for the mind. If you take some time to relax and do something that pleases you, you will be able to write a lot more efficiently and also be in a much better mood.

When you overwork yourself, you might even think “it would be easier to  pay someone to write my essay for me.

  1. Write about thing you’re interested in

This might be hard to do all the time, but for some people it might be important. Writing about things you have no interest in can truly tire you and bore you and make you lose interest in your job. That will only result in you producing worse quality content that will damage your reputation and skills.

When you’re looking for work, try to find something that you really like and could see yourself doing. The happier you are with the content you write, the more experience you will earn and the more respected you will be in your field.

  1. Take the time to read

Being a writer doesn’t mean that you should only focus on your content. Reading is the best exercise for people in these fields as it allows you to take a look at someone else’s style and writing abilities and potentially help you better yours. Reading is the best way for you to expand your vocabulary, learn new things and also connect with more people of your field.

Love what you do

The best way for you to have a healthy relationship with your job is to love what you’re doing. This can only happen through trial and error, as you come to understand what topics you prefer working on and also your limits.

Make sure you give yourself enough time to rest and do things you enjoy and you will come to see that you will be a lot more productive. Focus on your work and give your own personal touch to any topic you discuss so that you keep looking forward to writing more.



California Milk Advisory Board. Part II

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Just like any other advertising technique, consumer promotions in RCC is more of an after sale service (Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016). It is a technique that has been used for many decades in the business world. The main idea behind it is ensuring that consumers feel appreciated and are never exploited. It has proven to work well in supermarkets such as Walmart, where consumers are offered free packaging for the items they buy. Promotion also works in a similar manner but encourages the consumers to purchase more products. Additionally, promotions facilitate public relations in the essence that the consumers are usually informed whenever a new product is in the market. In this case, they feel involved through awareness.

In the CMAB’s integrated marketing systems, the public relations strategies works pretty much well with the top management. For instance, they craft the wants of the company that they feel significant to be perceived and the repercussions on the outward image. This can be made possible through centralizing the focus on one message and the broad outlines that disseminates the idea. In recent times, the RCC has rebranded itself through advertisements and certifications. The certification and the public relations’ angles has assured the consumers of natural products and reliability. Therefore, the information that the media can perhaps cover is the ‘originality’ of the final products produced by the company.

In business, a marketing metric simply refers to a numerical data that has the ability of allowing marketers, advertises and promoters assess and evaluate their organizational performance against the goals that have been set by the company (Phillips & Phillips, 2016). There are numerous marketing metrics, which an organization can apply to assess programs. CMAB has applied the metric of looking at the costs related to marketing, which includes program spending, overheads and other related costs.

CMAB can still focus on other marketing metrics such as the acquisitions of the customers and the revenue allocations. This would be significant in helping relate the costs to the anticipated outcomes. The latter would be the most significant aspect as it determines the direction which CMAB would be headed in terms of revenue (Phillips & Phillips, 2016).

Besides media promotions, demographics and food trends, the RCC can still use other promotion or advertising techniques to pursue its organizational objectives. Notably, successful promotions and advertising create desires in the customers or the targeted group to have interested in the product under focus (Percy & Rosenbaum-Elliott, 2016). Additionally, an effective communication on how an objective is fulfilled is also provided and this makes the targeted customers feel better. Having so many advertising and promotional technics that are in the market for RCC, a proven technique creates or establishes a likelihood that the amount of money used will in the long run add value.

Other than the above mentioned techniques, RCC can still use the following as alternative advertising and promotional methods;


Repletion is the simplest yet appropriate technique that is applied in building or creating identity and the memory of the client.


Claims are advertisements that promote features that make claims regarding products can do for the esteemed customers. This may be done through educating, informing and establishing standards to the client.


This is a technique that helps in selling a product. It is mainly done through convincing the client or buyers that other likeminded fellow are also using it. In this case, a feeling of ‘being left out’ must be created to the customer in order to buy the products.

California Milk Advisory Board. Part I

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In order to advertise its products, the Real California Cheese (RCC) incorporated various advertising techniques that helped in creating the consumer’s awareness of its products. In this case, the firm established various campaigns mechanisms such as the radio advertising and the newspaper to facilitate the process. It is on record that these advertisement campaigns were also endorsed by trade promotion and other extensive consumer activities. The process bore little fruits prompting the RCC to incorporate another alternative advertising technique in 1995 referred to as the “Happy Cows” campaign.

The “Happy Cows” campaign process was more emotional as the organization wanted to arouse the emotions of the consumers so as to purchase ‘whole heartedly’. This decision was arrived at since it was complex for customers to distinguish the products based on the claims of rational superiority. From a marketing perspective, it was a scheme that would ensure the consumers’ full involvement and in defense of the products at individual levels. Thus, creating an affection and emotional bond with the consumers.

The main purpose

The main purpose of implementing the IMC programs and certifications of the RCC was to help create an awareness that the cheese was created naturally in California. The certification was established so that the company would have no problem while spearheading its new strategic orientation and direction.

The certification mark was created in California as it was the state where it would be used to identify the natural cheese. It was established through making it a focal point of the marketing and strategic marketing plans. It helped CMAB in representing a wide variety of products that was obtained from different consumers.

The certification made a great difference to the program because it was now simple for CMAB to be at a position of promoting different varieties of cheese from the accredited cheese makers who had been vetted to use the seal during packaging. Additionally, the seal was significant to the consumers as it assures them that the products they were purchasing were naturally made in California from the Californian milk.

The mechanism of attention

Advertisement is a critical content of the mass media aimed at persuading the attention of the consumers, listeners, viewers or learners and issues relevant measures on ideas, products, and services.  In facilitating the personality of the RCC brand, the mechanism of attention helps in facilitating the behaviors of the customers in reference to the originality or neutrality of the milk products produced. While making decisions on the nature of an advertisement to use for a particular audience or consumers, there are numerous factors and constraints that must be focused on. Some of the constraints RCC would undergo in developing their campaigns include:

  1. Reliability of the mode of campaign used
  2. The expenses incurred
  3. Convincing the customers that RCC has their best interests at hand
  4. Establishing a lasting personality regarding the products produced

While describing the personality created, it is significant to understand that emotional affections once created are personalities that would work miracles for the retailers when channeled properly to the consumers. It would help in creating trust, reliability, and flexibility. In other words, once a consumer has trust in a particular product, it is always theoretically agreed that he will come back for more or rather bring more customers.

So far, the advertising technique used by the RCC has only one advantage. It has helped in establishing more ideas that helps the company brainstorm what the consumers wants or rather would wish improved. In this case, the campaign should be continued indefinitely. However, it doesn’t come at a cheaper cost as there are expenses incurred during the advertisement process.

The significance of the Research by Mohapatra et al.

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There are several species of malaria-causing Plasmodium; however, the common organisms that lead to the infection by malaria are the Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum (Mohapatra, Samantaray, Arulselvi, & Ghosh, 2013). Some reports indicate that disease that one develops due to Plasmodium falciparum infection is severe while the Plasmodium vivax causes a benign issue. However, recent researches have disclosed that Plasmodium vivax also causes severe infection (Mohapatra et al., 2013). For instance, the malaria infection that results from vivax has the symptoms as acute anemia, renal failure, metabolic imbalance and thrombocytopenia among others. The research that Mohapatra et al. conducted aimed at analyzing the relationship between the development of DIC and Plasmodium vivax. Also, the researchers mentioned above focused on examining the effectiveness of the TEG in the early detection of DIC in the patients with severe levels of infection by malaria.
The sampling method that the researchers mentioned above used is the stratified sampling method. For instance, Mohapatra et al. conducted their sampling process by identifying a total of 31 individuals whom clinicians had diagnosed with malaria. After that, the researchers grouped the study elements concerning the complexity of the patients’ infections. One can also observe that the statistical method that Mohapatra et al. used is the inferential process of conducting research. In particular, the study by Mohapatra et al. involved the gathering of data from the multiple levels of malarial infection and using the data to conclude on the relationship between Plasmodium vivax and DIC. Besides, the researchers also analyzed the data relating to the effectiveness of the use of TEG in the early and accurate detection of DIC in several malaria patients.
The research by Mohapatra et al. involved data obtained through the stratified sampling methods. Consequently, the researchers were able to make reliable conclusions from the survey results. Indeed, the scientists mentioned above used a total of 31 individuals who were Plasmodium Vivax positive and the researchers grouped the people in two broad categories. The examination of patients who had complicated infections revealed that 59% percent of the patients had anemia, 21% acute renal failure among other symptoms. On the other hand, the use of TEG in the detection of DIC in the patients who had complicated and uncomplicated Plasmodium vivax infections detected 76% and 64% cases infections respectively. Therefore, one can conclude that the hypothesis was alternative as there was a significant difference in the data and results of the methods that the scientists used.
Apart from the previously mentioned scientists other researchers have also surveyed the use of TEG in the early and accurate detection of DIC in the patients suffering from complicated malaria infections. Ferasatkish, Naddafnia, Alavi and Naseri (2007) state that the use of TEG to detect DIC in patients provides results within a period of 20 to 30 minutes after the test hence reliable. Furthermore, the previously mentioned method of analyzing the cases of DIC in many patients helps in the detection of the level of infection in different individuals. Besides, the TEG is significant for the clinicians in differentiating surgical bleeding and bleeding due to an infection (Ferasatkish et al., 2007).
From the surveys that various scientists have conducted, it is evident that Plasmodium vivax leads to equally complicated cases of malarial infections as Plasmodium falciparum. The research on the effectiveness of TEG in examining DIC is critical for the practicing clinicians as it leverages the doctors’ ability to treat the disseminated intravascular coagulation in their clients efficiently. Also, the p-level of the TEG in the examination of patients is reliable as it provides quick and accurate results. On the other hand, the research concerning Plasmodium vivax is significant as it helps scientists to develop effective drugs and modalities of limiting its effects. Mohapatra et al. (2013), postulates that there is high certainty that Plasmodium vivax also leads to complicated cases of malaria.
Some limitations existed in the research that Mohapatra et al. conducted thereby eliciting the need for other research on the use of TEG in the early and accurate detection of DIC and the complexities those results from the infection by Plasmodium vivax. The first limitation that the sample population was small (31 people), thus it was not easy to develop a reliable conclusion regarding the results that the scientists obtained. Besides, the researchers were not able to perform PCR on the samples that they obtained from the patients. Therefore, it is critical that clinicians develop strategies through which they can use PCR on the samples they collect from their respondents so as to make reliable and accurate deductions.
To conclude, the research by Mohapatra et al. concerning the complexity of malaria that Plasmodium vivax and the use of TEG in an early and accurate detection of DIC is significant for the clinicians. Indeed, one can observe that the Plasmodium vivax also causes server levels of infections in individuals. On the other hand, the use of TEG is efficient in examining DIC in various people, thus, clinicians need to adopt it while caring for their patients.

Code Blue. Part II

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The code blue team has to be educated through the provision of the program that is presented to all nurses, doctors and the other auxiliary staff. The nursing staff should support mandatory code through training. Nurses have to believe that the necessary code does enhance both their ability and comforts of managing the situations of code blue and the patients’ outcomes. All the educational programs have to state that the blue codes will be employed only in cases of cardiac arrests. Taking care of the patient is paramount. Based on the case study, the nurse was supposed to have been around near the patient for her/him to take care of the patient. The case is traumatizing. It was expected that the nurse would be on the patient to inform the code team not to resuscitate the patient as stated. The code team assumed everything since the patient had no code. The nurse is the one to be blamed for the death of the patient. She never turned on the nozzle of the oxygen and was absent during the arrival of the code (Avis et al, 2016).


Hospitals must plan and provide emergency stabilization and screen for any disease or condition near the psychiatric units even when not located in the building within the main hospital. The hospital should include emergency rooms, delivery and labor departments, and the units of psychiatric. After the provision of the screening and emergency stabilization, the plan has to be tested, if more deaths are recorded. The deaths data should be collected and analyzed. Then the results are documented. The code teams have to be trained well enough, and functioning equipment should be possessed. In addition, protocols for life-threatening conditions should be activated. Moreover, the hospital should train all the workers and volunteers majorly on how to activate the response system for the emergency. The system for activation should be redundant and simple.

Data should be collected retrospectively from the forms recorded. Patient’s demographics data should be included in the data collection. The results of the completely documented forms were collected, while those with the code blue alarms were canceled are excluded. The data should be recorded in Microsoft Excel file, and then analyzed by using the SPSS. The chi-square test will then be employed for analyzing non-paramedic data.


A code conversation is a critical part of any aspect of hospitalization. If it is concluded well, it will make the stay of the patient in the hospital a much more fluid experience. If not, then the lack of communication leads to patient outcomes that were not desired and later distress to everybody, who got involved. Empowering all people with the basic knowledge of understanding the code status can assist in avoiding potential medical errors in the case of not anticipated hospitalizations.

Code Blue. Part I

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The hospital emergency codes have been employed globally for alerting the hospital staff concerning several emergency events. The codes used tend to relay critical information faster with a minimum lack of understanding to the hospital staff. Code blue does indicate a client or patient that needs resuscitation or quick medical attention. Cardiac arrest in most of the health care facilities is common. The hospitals do possess a team for rapid response or “code blue teams.” These teams are responsible for decreasing preventable in-hospital deaths. Most hospitals for example in Turkey provide education to the health care professionals about the rapid response team (Whitcomb, Hahn, Sumner, Shelley, & Hunnicutt, 2015).

Analysis of the Case

Based on the case, it was finally discovered that the patient was not supposed to be resuscitated. Most of the things went confusing in this case, involving a lot of delay in possible defibrillation. The period of defibrillation is a critical unit that is mostly linked with survival. Delaying the defibrillation process causes death. Many strides in enhancing the survival chain have been achieved in out of the hospital and in-hospital cardiac arrest from the initial access to the services that is the emergency to the early CPR defibrillation. Based on the case, there were many delays for the code team to locate the patient, lack of enough CPR training of psychiatric staff, and the issues with the equipment. Location of the arrest outside the main hospital probably led to the use of the technique that was poor, lack of enough trained personnel, and the equipment’s that was not working well. Once the code teams once get out of their common environment, they feel uncomfortable. The environment, in this case, is austere of medical as like that of ambulance experiences of paramedic when she resuscitates a patient approximately four miles away from the main hospital (Lindsey & Jenkins, 2013).

The process has been categorized to include calling for help from the Code team. The specific code to be called in case of emergency is always written on the door. The exact location of the client is given out including the bed number and the room. Secondly, the nurse has to begin the CPR, and then the AED should start. The nurse should also ensure the patient is the firm surface. Once the code team arrives, the code team does assume the leadership of the code. The nurse should stay with the patient and assist with the code within the range of scope of practice. Then after the code, the nurse should ensure there is accurate documentation and communicate with the family member. The pharmacy does the exchange of code cart at this point. The restocking of the code cart is the responsibility of the pharmacy and the central supply (Avis, Grant, Reilly, & Foy, 2016).

Dillards Company is one of the largest operating home furnishing retailer, fashion apparel, and cosmetic

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Dillards Company is one of the largest operating home furnishing retailer, fashion apparel, and cosmetic. The ticker symbol of Dillard’s Inc is DDS while the CIK Number is 0000028917. The Company also has a website http://www.dillards.com. The Company experienced a difficult business performance during 2015 financial year.  In the competitive environment, the Company tried to control its inventory since the sales were less than projected. The retail sales of the company in 2015 decreased by 2 percent compared with the sales of 2014. Net income decreased from $ 7.79 per share, $331.9 million in 2014 to $6.91 per share, $269.4 million in 2015 financial year (“Dillard’s, Inc. – Annual Report”). The pre-tax gain of $12.6 million was included in the net income of 2015 fiscal year. The company had a working capital f $917.7 million at the start of January 30th, 2016 (“Dillard’s, Inc. – Annual Report”).

The CEOs letter to the shareholders includes the financial status of the country for the last five years consecutively (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015) (“Dillard’s, Inc. – Definitive Proxy Statement”). The CEO breaks down the financial progress of the company to the shareholders to explain the manner in which business has been operating. The results and operations of the finances are explained in depth. In other words, the letter entails information pertaining the reporting segment of the company which is found in the discussion of the management and the results of operation and analysis of financial conditions (“Dillard’s, Inc. – Definitive Proxy Statement”). The letter further, outlines the need to have fifteen directors of the company where five of them will be representing Class A shareholders while Class B shareholders will be represented by the other ten directors. The letter touches the manner in which to tackle a proposal so as to amend the Certificate of Incorporation. Through this, the Company can change its name to Dillard’s Inc from Dillard Department Stores.

William T. Dillard II is the CEO of Dillard’s Inc. since 1998. He is also the chairman to the board since 2002. William T. Dillard II is 71 years old (“Stock Quotes & Company News | Reuters.Com”). His son, William T. Dillard III is Dallard’s Inc. Vice President. the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) compensation for the fiscal year 2015 was at 3, 275,956 (“Stock Quotes & Company News | Reuters.Com”).