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Code Blue. Part II

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The code blue team has to be educated through the provision of the program that is presented to all nurses, doctors and the other auxiliary staff. The nursing staff should support mandatory code through training. Nurses have to believe that the necessary code does enhance both their ability and comforts of managing the situations of code blue and the patients’ outcomes. All the educational programs have to state that the blue codes will be employed only in cases of cardiac arrests. Taking care of the patient is paramount. Based on the case study, the nurse was supposed to have been around near the patient for her/him to take care of the patient. The case is traumatizing. It was expected that the nurse would be on the patient to inform the code team not to resuscitate the patient as stated. The code team assumed everything since the patient had no code. The nurse is the one to be blamed for the death of the patient. She never turned on the nozzle of the oxygen and was absent during the arrival of the code (Avis et al, 2016). read more